A Place in His Presence | Women's Bible Study led by Cody Andras


A Place in His Presence is a nine week Bible study that looks at the whole story of Scripture. The Lord’s plan, revealed in Genesis through Revelation, has always been to draw His people back to Himself. This study follows the developments of that plan through the major events of Scripture. We will follow the story from Eden through the Wilderness into the land of Israel. We will watch Israel fall to the surrounding nations and God gather them back to Himself. We will witness the life and death of the Messiah and Savior, and we will watch Him pour His Spirit out on the Church. We will look for His return, we will wait for the New Heaven and the New Earth, where everything will be made right and we really will dwell forever with our Lord. Until that day, we will consider our place in His story as we find our place in His Presence.

Whether you’re new to the study of His Word or have done hundreds of studies, we hope that this one will allow us to see the Lord and His plans for His creation in a new light and with greater clarity.

Hope you can join us! Email Corlischa@bayoucityfellowship.com with any questions.

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  • Sep 19
    10:00 am
    Nov 14
    11:30 am
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